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吉村理事長の開会挨拶(PPC会議)Speech by Chief Delegate (JAREC Masayuki Yoshimura)

Ladies and gentlemen!
My name is Masayuki Yoshimura, President of Japan Association of Real Estate Counselors, so called JAREC.
   It is a great honor to attend a large congress like this.
JAREC is a nationwide organization consists of national-license-hold specialists with expertise in the counseling on real-estate and urbanization.
We have been dealing with the edification and spread of counseling on real-estate, research, study, proposal, publication, cultivation, and qualification as a response for societal demand since its establishment in 1989.
JAREC has formed a business alliance with RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), and we have been translating and publishing the Red Book    since 2008, which will be the 4th with the 2014 edition coming up next month. We will make use of this Japanese edition in our valuation and counseling business fields to build more accuracy to the requisition.
In closing, I hope this congress will be concluded with great success.
And I am sincerely looking forward to working together with all of you in Japan 2016.
We are waiting for many colleagues and clients participation from overseas.

Thank you.